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My name is Haley Snyder ~~extends hand to shake yours~~ it’s a pleasure to meet you and welcome you! I am an Empowerment Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and Mental Health Ambassador. 

As an empowerment coach for other female coaches, I believe that every woman has a story and unlimited potential for success.  I also know that coaches can get stuck and overwhelmed with worry about ‘doing it right’ and making everyone happy. 


It is my mission to help the female entrepreneur break through perfectionism and people pleasing paralysis, teaching her to own her story, and empowering her to rise above perceived limitations so she can launch out of indecision and into her dreams.



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the bottom line

I serve YOU, my passion is all about empowering you to recognize and own the warrior within so that you can see the potential that I already know that you have.  Check out my services page, or contact me to see how we can work together!  Let’s own your story and start getting you out there!!!

Love and Blessings,

Haley Snyder

Your Empowerment Coach