Hello, Love!!

My name is Haley Snyder. 

I am an Empowerment Coach, Author, and Public Speaker and it is my #1 PASSION and PURPOSE to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE so that EVERY PERSON feels SEEN, HEARD, and NEVER ALONE.

If you look toward the top of the page, you will find all of the great things that I have in store for you, go ahead and take a peek into the different tabs and see what interests you.  I highly suggest the BLOG and the TESTIMONIALS page.


I help the woman who is at her WITS END with a problem or problems in her life – she’s pulling her hair out screaming silently:


It is my honor to come alongside you when you are in this place so we can:

  1. Clearly IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM(s) – Sometimes easier said than done, right?  There is always something deeper which leads us to…
  2. INTUITIVELY FIND THE ROOT(s) – Where did this problem start? Is it a recurring pattern?  Is it a family of origin issue?  Do you have sub-conscious thoughts that are constantly derailing you? Or is it just a case of needing a tune up??
  3. DISCOVER SOLUTIONS and LEARN SKILLS – As we work on the problems and roots, we will brainstorm solutions and I will teach you valuable emotional and mental skills that will get you on the road to a full recovery!
  4. While you hone those skills and work those solutions, I EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and STAY IN YOUR CORNER while you return to your THRIVING LIFE.


~~~ The bottom line is that I am here for YOU~~~

~~~ I’m here to help you OVERCOME the INCESSANT PROBLEMS that are messing with your life and your business to bring you to a PEACEFUL, BALANCED, THRIVING life!~~~

~~~ I’m here to stand in your corner, share my intuition so you can connect to yours, and to walk this journey with you. ~~~


If you are reading this and keep saying “Oh my gosh, that’s ME!”

I want you to take advantage of this FREE CONNECTION CALL.  I would love to see where you are at and help you find the solutions that you are so longing for.