8 Tried and True Anxiety Busters

Today I’m bringing to you 8 tried and true anxiety busters!

After I wrote 5 Ways to Shoo the Winter Blues, I found that people really seemed to benefit from this kind of information, so I decided to write a post about anxiety.

I know that these tactics are tried and true because I have struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for many years.  I have spent a long time learning skills and creating resources that I can use during times of heightened arousal, and I would love to share some of those with you today.

I put these anxiety busters in a fun printable format that you can pin, print, tweet, share, and otherwise use to your liking (just make sure to give credit, of course).

8 Anxiety BustersOf course, if you are experiencing excessive anxiety, panic, or otherwise feel like you are unable to cope on your own – please reach out for help.  There is no shame in asking for help, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t.  As always, you can contact me here, there are resources here, and you can speak with the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) here.

I hope that this infographic helps you in your journey!  Always remember that you are not alone, you have a story, and it’s important because YOU are important!


Haley Snyder - Writing Coach

18 thoughts on “8 Tried and True Anxiety Busters

    1. It’s amazing what a hot shower can do after a stressful day at work, then follow up with a soothing cup of tea.

  1. LOVE the infograph, great job, and LOVE love love the content in the infograph! These are real, serious, actual solutions to a huge problem. Really great post.

  2. Treating anxiety so matter of factly like this instead of hiding in shame is starting to help me. I’ve somehow made it to 65 when I didn’t think I’d live to see 20. Thank you for this infographic!

    1. Absolutely Melody! Great question! What I mean by breathing into your belly is sending your breath all the way down to your belly button when you breathe in so that you can see your stomach inflate. Now obviously, your breath isn’t actually going into your stomach, but you are opening your diapragm to breathe deeper into your lungs, your internal organs push against a nerve that calms you that goes along your spine, and you get more oxygen to your brain which helps anxiety to decrease. Does that help? xo Haley

  3. Hi! Any immediately implementable tips for children with anxiety at school? Looking for something I can laminate and tape to the inside of his desk or keep in his pocket! Thanks!!!

    1. They could imagine a big (favorite color) balloon right behind their belly button… then when they are anxious, they can fill that balloon by breathing in and out slowly. That is the same idea for adults but in kid friendly terms. You can also use reinforcing language at home.. like “You can do this!” “You are such a strong young-man!” “Wow you really got through that well!” Things that convince him that he is not out of control or helpless.

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