Nancy Demun-Hayes – Direct Service Provider

Haley started coaching me when my life seemed like a dead end.  I was struggling with unemployment, relationship issues, no car, no house… misery.  I have always thought I was a positive person, but Haley really got right down to it and noticed that my self-talk was really self-defeating.  She validated where I learned to be so mean to myself and taught me that my thoughts were creating my surroundings!  Within the first month of coaching, I was able to bring into my life a job, better communication with my friends, and a much brighter outlook on life.  I can’t wait to see what else she teaches me… things are getting really good.

Nicole Rollender – Author, Poet, Editor

Haley Snyder is an extremely inspirational coach, who uses her abilities to empower others, including me. After a bad car accident, I started to work with Haley, who has intuitively guided me on a path of healing. She has helped me work on my PTSD, anxiety and feelings of self-worth. Importantly, she delivers self-improvement suggestions kindly, without judgement.

I believe Haley has a rare gift, that she is able to help women find their meant-to-be path, the path that will lead to a truly fulfilling life.

Stacy Gustiuc – Freedom and Empowerment Coach

I really enjoyed taking part in Haley’s confidence masterclass. Haley was able to get me to do my VERY FIRST VIDEO & post if for all to see…eek! Each day was insightful, each homework assignment left me with an a-ha moment. I left her masterclass feeling more confident, supported, capable, and cared for.

Haley’s passion for helping other women shines so very bright. It’s so amazing to work with someone as passionate, loving, and bubbly as she is!

Rose B. Fischer – Author, Artist, ‘Evil Genius’

I am a multi-passionate creator with a huge range of skills and interests. I get frustrated in online communities because so many so called “experts” have told me to simply pick one interest and go with it. Haley knows that’s not how I roll, and her gifts of intuitive alignment continue to help me bring all of my gifts, talents, and passions to bear when serving my clients. She is a joy to be around and truly seeks to bring out the brightest and best in the people around her!

Cris Hitterman – Mindset and Business Coach

You just melt my heart Haley, such an inspiration, thank you for all that you share and for you being you once again. Thank you for showing up and being so real and vulnerable, as it allows me and others to be able to go to a place, most people avoid.

Unaiza Khalid

Thanks Haley for providing training! I wanted to write a book, but had no idea where to start! You are giving the right direction to kick start my journey!

(referencing the 10 Days to Jump Start Your Book Master Class)

Val Rainey

In case some of you newer ladies don’t know yet our Haley is about the sweetest and kindest person I’ve ever met. She has been so patient helping me put buttons on my sites. We’re even having what she calls a web call…cool never heard of it. Love you babe!


Haley taught me which buttons to play with and more importantly which ones NOT to play with. If you ever need anyone to help you with this button mayhem she is your go to girl. She is even going to be sprucing up my sites for me.  I sure wish I could jump through the screen and give her a big hug.

Tanya Siebert

Haley heard my story at a workshop and was already thinking about it and I know the Lord directed her thoughts and helps.  She was extremely helpful in the process of an outline, walking me through the process, encouraging,and insightful!  I had her write my story.  It was perfect for the context in which I’ll be sharing it in!  Thank you, Haley!  May the Lord bless you as you serve the Lord through your gifts and talents!

H. Brady Rose

Haley edited my resume and I was very impressed. She understands how to organize words in a persuasive and convincing way, she noticed errors that I would never have seen, and she returned it to me with all of the changes marked and explained so I could make the final decisions. I also appreciated that she completed the edit within 3 days of receiving it. I will definitely hire her again.